We are starting a new service: advanced engine & compressor condition and performance diagnostic. We’ve just established cooperation with American company Windrock, Inc – the producer of portable equipment that is being used during measurements and signal registration for subsequent analysis; and we are a representative of Windock, Inc for Poland, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore.

We do analysis of not only combustion process, but also of vibrations and sound. We can discover cylinder leakage, worn parts, bearing issues etc. We take measurements relating to vibration, ultrasonic, pressure, ignition, and temperature for comparing the findings with predicted results to determine where problems may be, or about to be, occurring on a machine. Things we are looking for might include:

Engine Assessments:

Condition Measurements and Items of Concern:

  • Firing Pressure Imbalance
  • Leaking Valves and Rings
  • Worn or Scored Liners
  • Turbo Charger Issues

Performance Measurements and Items of Concern:

  • Combustion
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Horsepower
  • Efficiency

The testing is non-intrusive to all of the engine types except for connecting a pressure transducer to the indicator cocks on each cylinder.

We can identify:

  • Broken Suction Valve
  • Clogged Suction Valve
  • Broken Discharge Valve
  • Broken Piston Rings
  • Broken Rider Bands
  • Loss of Crosshead Integrity
  • Uneven Engine Balance
  • Poor Quality of Combustion
  • Power of each Cylinder
  • Crank Shaft Failure

After measurements and analysis in the office, we provide diagnostic report with technical advice.