More and more popular are the comprehensive electrical and vibration measurements of the most important devices on the ship. Our good client from the Middle East, approached us with a request to check the condition of the well-worn centrifugal cargo pumps. The pumps have already a few years and they are in constant operation, so they deserved special treatment. We made measurements that give a very wide range of information on the condition of devices and which will enable to make the necessary repairs and plan the next services. From the electrical side, we checked the power quality, condition of motor windings and rotor, electrical connections quality and the device's efficiency. While we make electrical measurements we check also, with use thermographic camera, electrical cabinets in search of hot spots. From the vibration side, we check the condition of the bearings, the alignment and proper work of the pump. The measurements made in this way give very high effectiveness in the diagnosis of problems because they give very wide point of view on machinery condition in different aspects. The client is very satisfied with the results and in next days we are going to the next vessel of this shipowner, see You in UAE.