I have old vibration online system. I wonder if you can verify if it’s working properly and help me  implement CM system for thrusters to have possibility to postpone thruster inspection/overhauling?

Info Marine as one of few company has certification to provide implementation of CM/CBM system in several Classification Society. Recently we obtained similar question from one of our client. We send our Service Engineer to check condition of the system, collect all technical data and find solution to improve system if needed.
During inspection our Service Engineer check condition of whole vibration online system.
The first step was to check position and visual condition of the sensor and cables.
After that the whole line “sensor-vibration module-computer”  was checked  with vibration calibrator to indicate if each channel is working properly.


Checking whole line “sensor-vibration module-computer”  with vibration calibrator

It is important to know that every sensor don’t have the same sensitivity, it can fluctuate about 3-4%. Making this kind of checking give possibility to calibrate exactly each channel.
If some line gives inaccurate signal (with error more than 5%) then our SE check individual input of vibration module to ensure that is working properly.  

Checking single channel in vibration module

After checking the vibration module our Service Engineer check the sensor with cable.

Checking sensor with cable

Next step was to test the software taking into account below aspects:

-if the limits implemented are proper?
-what kind of units are used?
-what frequency range is set?
-what kind of trigger for collecting data is applied?
-if there is determined interval of collecting data?

Checking adjustments in software

When the whole vibration online system was checked including software, our Service Engineer started collecting necessary data for CM thruster system. The important for CM thruster system are following information:

-who is responsible for supervision of the vibration online system?
-where are the location for taking oil sample for analysis?
-who is responsible for taking oil samples?
-what is interval of report of vibration & oil analysis ?
-how the CM action can be implemented in PMS?
-what procedure should be for handling of the results of the applicable analysis (warning- and alarms limits)?
-what qualification have persons which are included in CM system?
After discussion with superintendent and crew on board our Service Engineer obtained all information which were necessary to prepare documentation for class approval.

At the end our client received report that contain all information about:

-condition of vibration online system
-recommendation to improve the system to meet class requirements
-appropriate adjustment of software in vibration online system
-appropriate indication of oil sample points for Thrusters CM system

Additionally to the report client received documentation prepared in office by Senior Reliability Engineer necessary for starting the Thrusters CM system approval by class.