1. Questions about Info Marine:

How can I contact you to get quotation or more information about services and products?

Info Marine provides services all over the world. To make it really simple and convenient for you, please contact one of our offices via e-mail – at the time we will clarify all your doubts and answer the questions without delay. To find more detailed information and start cooperation, please visit our subpage ‘Contact’.

Who works for Info Marine group?

To cut a long story short – we are Technical Universities graduates, also former seafarers and Mobius certified reliability engineers. Thereby, our wide experience from several disciplines gives us necessary skills and knowledge to face any potential problems on board, platform or wherever else.

Why should I choose your company?

  • wide activity/services spectrum – i.e. marine, oil and gas industry
  • over 12 years of experience along with thousands of measurements, analysis and accurate diagnosis
  • huge know-how referring to marine equipment hand in hand with effective system for filtration of environmental signals
  • whole reports and analysis are done by experienced and certified specialists
  • Info Marine is recognized by various classification societies as a fully qualified service provider
  • continuous development and effort to meet overall clients’ needs

2. Questions about cooperation:

How do you organize services and transportation for your Service Engineers?

As soon as we start cooperation and arrange requested services we schedule proper time and place of our Service Engineer's arrival – either directly with you or with the agency. The vessel’s ETA is discussed and monitored continuously. Therefore, the most convenient time and place is selected.

Furthermore, we make every effort to make sure our SE arrives on time.

How measurements and reporting process look like?

Please be informed that measurements of all machinery (selection of equipment is up to you), will be performed with full cooperation of vessel crew, in the best possible condition and in quickest possible way. As soon as all measurements data along with other necessary information is delivered to our office we immediately start with the analysis.

We do our best to provide recommendations adequate to detected problem. Whereas the report is usually prepared and send to you within 48 hours.

What if I have some questions about the report or diagnosis?

Whenever you want to clarify, discuss received report or you have any questions regarding performed services – feel free to contact us. Additionally, after first service, Info Marine contacts you to make sure our service has met your expectations.

Afterwards if the cooperation is continued you will receive feedback referring to works done after diagnostic report. It helps with further diagnosis and machines’ condition monitoring.

3. Questions about vibration measurement and other services provided by Info Marine:

Can you present me some basics about vibration analysis?

Machines generate vibrations as long as they operate. This is why controlling vibrations and constantly analysing their profiles gives you information about the actual condition of your machines.

Measurements are done noninvasively and it takes few minutes to check each device. What is more, everything is performed during normal operation of the machinery.

Why vibration measurement is better than other diagnostic methods?

First of all, vibration measurement covers wider frequency range than ultrasound diagnostics or sound diagnostics and give you more information and tools for faster and better diagnosis. Please see below:

Additionally, please see attached comparison of typical defects of equipment existing on board. The key is to prevent the failure by measuring proper symptoms:

We do hope you may now see why vibration is so adequate for diagnosis of common equipments’ defects.

What about standards (ISO, etc.) and how to evaluate vibration results?

There are defined ISO and manufacturers boundaries for each machine, with assigned vibration velocity values which helps to classify condition of devices at first.

However we do not only say whether the equipment is in good/bad condition or it vibrates in/out of limit. We go further and analyse vibration spectrum finding the root cause. After all you get the report with remarks if such needed.

Is vibration measurement all that you do? What other services do you perform?

No, vibration measurement was the main service we provided when the company has been established. Over the years  the scope of services covered by our team extended to fulfil our customers’ needs.  The full spectrum of our work can be found in ‘Services’ and ‘Products’.