Multichannel measurements of diesel engines provide detailed information of machine’s working condition.
It is widely known that according to vessel environment where each structure effects on others, diesel engine as one of the biggest and the most influential need to be monitored and properly set up.
Info Marine bases on years of experience in engines analysis in full range of speed or load. With kind permission from one of our client you may see below an exemplary diagram with diagnosis description.

Multichannel measurements helps to precisely define range of speed/load which is dangerous for engine and vessel’s structure.
It is worth to admit that our measurements are covered in all operational conditions of engine from each measuring points simultaneously.
What is more, by using long wires measurements can be performed not only from engine itself but also (at the same time) from dampers and other areas where main engine’s may cause local resonance or vibrations.

Example of performed service can be found here.

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