Info Marine in cooperation with Seacorr one of the leading Nondestructive Testing Services company offers preparation of dry dock tender and LAID-UP restarting.
As a dry docking is a critical component of a vessel’s lifecycle and may be associated with high costs, unforeseen complications and large time-consuming necessary to meet requirements of the Owner. Our companies provide complex solutions for all technical problems and needs of every kind of vessel to minimize the costs related with the dockside maintenance.
Regarding the fact that modern ships are more complex, their temporarily idleness can cause swiftly deteriorating condition both of machinery and steel. Despite regular maintenance, lubrication of machinery and equipment, dehumidification of internal air spaces, regular turning of rotating machinery etc during laid – up of the vessel, unfortunately often after returning to the operation, may appear unplanned failures or damages. To avoid unexpected fails of the vessel during operation, our companies provide complex overview of both steel and machinery to ensure the owner about the condition of the vessel and diagnose potential failures with weak points.
We offer you wide range services like:

• Hull Thickness measurement
• Corrosion survey
• Pre-purchase and Steel Wastage Calculation
• Staging & Painting Area Calculation
• Visual Testing – Direct & Remote
• NDT(Conventional/Advanced) RT/UT/MT/VT/PT/Pipes Scan & Hatch Cover Leak test
• Underwater Inspection

• Vibration diagnostics of rotating machinery
• Multi-channel global hull/propulsion vibration measurement
• Tensiometric and torsional measurements
• Thermography inspection
• Noise & Comfort certification (MLC)
• Dynamic and/or Static el.motor test
• Engine timing diagnostic

What are the benefits?
• Recognizing conditional status of equipment without opening
• Planning system of overhauling and maintenance base on results
• Planning works for dry docking / confirm the tender
• Prevention against unexpected damage of equipment
• Reduction of equipment maintenance costs
• Reduction of the money frozen in spare parts base on prolonged service time
• Extending the life of particular parts based on prolonged service time
• at the Request of Owners / Managers, we provide a team to sail on the vessels prior to vessel’s scheduled Docking period and prepare dry dock specifications of steel and machinery condition
• monitoring of steel / machinery repairs during dry dock
• assist ship managers to conclude final negotiation of work done reports by providing exact details of steel/machinery condition
• Before bringing back vessel into service after laid-up, we provide a team to check condition to the vessel

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