Last year, when COVID-19 complicated and restricted exchange of personel between shore and vessels, we too had to adjust to this new situation - as this concerned also sending of our engineers to vessel. Adjustment that we made reasulted in creation of remote method of implementation of Condition Based Maintenance (under IACS regulations), without the need for visit of our engineer onboard a vessel. This remote implementation consists of the following steps involved in the process:

- creation of measurement route and location of measurements on machinery, based on photographic and technical documentation of machinery;

- creation of manuals for the Crew, that guide them in the process of marking places of measurements on machinery;

- online training for the Crew and ship management office;

- online support in the process of CBM implementation;

- sending of the CBM package, that consists of vibration data collector, metal points for machinery, instructions, to the vessel by means of an agent.

With this method we have been successfully dealing with the restrictions caused by COVID-19 and implementing the CBM onboard vessels of ship managements in Europe and Asia. In the last year of 2020 we completed more than 80 CBM installations for big ship managements from France, Singapore, Croatia, and Norway.

This way we provided to the ship managements possibilty of remote monitoring of machinery onboard their vessels, and having remote surveys that are accepted by IACS Classes.