First diagnostic measurement on board needs to be done by our technicians in order to collect all necessary information. At that time all measuring points should be indicated and marked. Next measurements can be done in two ways:

  • by our technicians
  • or by crew itself – based on our tutorial and tools (rented or bought)

After measurements results will be sent to our diagnostic center for analysis. Reports will be issued along with recommendations. The analysis includes additional classificatory requirements such as machine technical condition, working conditions and technical data. The outcome is compared with previous results in order to obtain the most adequate recommendations for crew and the management.

Next measurements can be performed in both ways: offline and online.

Offline - Our field engineer can revisit vessel to perform another measurements, or the crew itself can perform measurements using rented or bought equipment.

Online – Permanent monitoring is the next step after offline monitoring. Measurements are constantly performed with installed monitoring system. The system intervenes (saves data) when values exceeds implemented limits.